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February 3, 2016

Bongino: Conservatism 301: The Existential Threats of Socialist Thinking - See more at:

The popularity of 1960’s utopianism and anti-American dogma left conservatives with an ideological mess to clean up, and there’s a similar one brewing right now in the battle for the country’s future. The seven year-reign of Barack Obama, buttressed by the likes of Nancy Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate, is prima facie evidence of the damage still being done by 1960’s utopianism. And when 56% of Democratic primary voters view socialism favorably (an ideology responsible for the deaths of tens of millions and the economic destruction of countless lives), history has begun the process of repeating itself. We are in real danger of losing another generation to this ideology of misery and destruction. For example have you seen or heard about the Robert Reich video attacking Bernie Sanders “skeptics,” which has been viewed millions of times? According to the website, Reich challenges Sanders “skeptics” by making these six points: First and foremost, he addresses the “electability” problem, and points out that the polls show Sanders doing better against Republican candidates in the general election when compared to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Responding to Republican gridlock interfering with all of Sanders’ plans, Reich points out that any Democrat with a stonewalling Congress will face issues. However, Reich maintains that the sweeping enthusiasm of Sanders’ campaign gives a better chance at winning House and Senate seats. “America would never elect a socialist.” Reich points out that many of the most popular public utilities and services, including roads, schools, Social Security, Medicare, etc., are also some of the most “socialist.” Reich also defends Sanders’ healthcare plan from those who say it would be too expensive and would require raising taxes. He explains that the cost of a single-payer system is drastically lower compared to our current system — and he has the numbers from European countries to support his analysis. Reich dismisses outright the idea that Sanders’ education plan would result in state-run schools. Since publicly-funded state schools are already run with autonomy, there should be no reason this would change. Lastly, Reich addresses Bernie Sanders’ age. He refers to a viral video which shows Bernie running through the airport, showcasing how spry the Vermont Senator truly is. He continues by remarking that four of the nine Supreme Court Justices are older than Sanders, and that FDR and JFK both had physical impediments. The GOP, conservatives and libertarians MUST put forth an Apollo-project-like messaging campaign to fight this Manichean ideological battle because, as the great Margaret Thatcher once said, “First you win the argument, then you win the vote.” Currently, we aren’t winning the argument and the lost votes have been a casualty of war. This article is one of many contributions in my Conservatism 301 series to the ideological battle-effort. - See more at:


Skipping over Reich’s points about Sanders’ age and the polls (these are tactical points, not ideological ones) I want to rebut the ideological nonsense by explaining to you just how misguided Reich, and socialism, is.


Your property, money, healthcare and education choices cannot belong to both you and the government at the same time. Is this simple fact a mystery to Sanders’ supporters? 

Regarding Reich’s second point about Sanders using executive orders and regulations rather than the constitutional law-making process, we need to be clear about what Reich is saying here. Reich is sanctioning and advocating for a Bernie Sanders-led “political revolution” that silences your voice in government by throwing out the constitutional process. Since when do we celebrate despotism and tyranny? Are modern progressive thought-leaders abandoning their stealth campaign to trample on our Constitution and now calling for it openly?  

Regarding Reich’s third point about roads, bridges, Social Security, and Medicare as evidence of the success of socialism; according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, here’s the definition of socialism (emphasis mine):

“…a way of organizing a society in which major industries are OWNED and CONTROLLED by the government rather than by individual people and companies.”

The implementation of socialism occurs in many ways and doesn’t always function as an “on/off” switch. Socialism is the opposite of individual liberty and as socialism is implemented in degrees, and in various sectors of the free economy, liberty disappears to that EXACT same degree. Your property, money, healthcare and education choices cannot belong to both you and the government at the same time. Is this simple fact a mystery to Sanders’ supporters?

The United States is a representative democracy where we vote to elect REPRESENTATIVES, who then vote on legislation which allocates money taxed from American taxpayers’ wallets on programs, infrastructure, the military and more. Is Reich suggesting that the government should confiscate farms, factories, small-businesses and all of our private property to pay for Bernie Sanders’ proposed trillions of dollars in new government spending, and that Americans shouldn’t have a say in this process? It certainly seems so.

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Also, what is Reich’s definition of a “successful” government program? Our government has stolen our Social Security and Medicare contributions, which we thought were being held for our retirement years, and has thrown the money down an abyss. Social Security’s own non-partisan trustees have declared that the “trust fund” will be bankrupt in just 18 years and Medicare’s “trust fund” will be bankrupt in just over 10 years. Here’s an uncomfortable fact for you: greedy, power-hungry politicians sold you these programs because they insisted that you weren’t smart enough to save for your own retirement, but they never told you that they never saved the money either. Regarding Reich’s fourth point about the quality and cost of single-payer, government-run healthcare, Reich is simply lying to you here. According to the far-left website Vox, in their piece titled “Study: Bernie Sanders's single-payer plan is almost twice as expensive as he says,” Sanders’ plan to use government to take over the entire healthcare system “would require workers to pay an additional 20 percent of their compensation in taxes.” Kenneth Thorpe (the left-leaning author of the study cited in the Vox piece) also argues “it would leave 71 percent of households with private insurance worse off once you take both tax increases and reduced health care expenditures into account.” Reich never lets the facts and the data get in the way of a good story. So Reich’s claims of cost-savings due to government-run healthcare are nonsense. How are we going to afford a healthcare system and the salaries of legions of new government bureaucrats to take over your healthcare decisions? It defies common sense. Also, Reich never describes how Bernie Sanders’ government-run healthcare system plans to cut costs. If government takes your money to pay for your healthcare, and then cuts costs for your healthcare, it can only do so by cutting your access to healthcare. This has a name; it’s called “rationing.” Regarding Reich’s fifth point about the benefits of “free” college: again, Reich is simply lying to you. He totally misrepresents the facts here by using an old debating scam that liberals love to use which economist Thomas Sowell once referred to as “starting the story in the middle.” Reich “starts the story in the middle” by using the inarguably exploding costs of college to argue for a government takeover of higher-education. What’s fascinating here is that Reich refuses to tell you why the costs of college are exploding. A recent National Bureau of Economic Research study blamed nearly all of the explosive growth in college costs on GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION in the student loan market. Your tax dollars have provided an endless spigot to colleges all over the country who are more than willing to suck up those dollars and hike their prices. But Reich never lets the facts and the data get in the way of a good story. In short folks: Don’t be a SUCKER, don’t “Feel the Bern” and don’t get “Berned” by socialism redux. - See more at:

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