Oregon law allows you to give up to $50 per individual ($100 per couple) to the political party of your choice as a credit against your state tax bill. That is $50 to $100 less you will have to pay the state of Oregon for your 2015 taxes! Yes, you read that right!

You can choose to donate to the political party of your choice, or the government takes the money by force.

Why donate to the Columbia County Republican Party?

With your help, we are recruiting and supporting conservative candidates to run in our upcoming county elections that will:

  • Oppose limiting your gun right
  • Work hard to bring family wage jobs to Columbia County
  • Not allow the state or federal government to infringe on your parental rights

We would like your help in purchasing lawn and billboard signs, radio spots and paper ads as well as conducting direct mail campaigns. Please send us your contribution before the end of the year.

You must take action by December 31st!

If you believe in the cause of Liberty, please help us by making your donation today!

For your convenience you can donate online by clicking this link: Please help us meet reporting requirements by including the name, occupation and employers name and address in the special instructions field.

Don't like to pay online? That's OK too! You can send a check to:

Columbia County Republican Central Committee

PO Box 512

Columbia City, OR 97018