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June 18, 2019

For no environmental gain, cap and trade jeopardizes Oregonians’ livelihoods

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Wed., June 12, 2019
Jonathan Lockwood
For no environmental gain, cap and trade jeopardizes Oregonians’ livelihoods
SALEM, Ore.—Democrats in the supermajority are pushing a proposal dubbed “Clean Energy Jobs” or Oregon’s “Green New Deal.” Proponents of the bill are willing to sacrifice economic growth in agriculture and industry sectors, and it will cut jobs for an environmental policy that is not worth the cost. Senate Republican Office Policy Analyst Justin Brecht explained in a social media post that the proposal ultimately puts our state on the wrong path. 
“Democrats are about to lock our children into a legally binding contract they will not be able to change - long after we are dead. Cap and Trade is literally giving up your right to change the course of our states destiny. It locks us into something we will not be able to change just like PERS. In the committees for this bill, the Democrats acknowledged they will enter into binding contracts with other states and countries, that is a fact easily accessible and on public record. It's not ‘possible’ or even 'probable,' it is a fact they have already acknowledged they will absolutely do. They even said who they will make the contract with between the states and countries: they will do it through the 'Western Climate Initiative.' If this passes, it will be left to the unelected bureaucrats to make binding contracts on behalf of our children that are not even born yet for the next 30 years. They are doing this under the name of 'clean energy jobs' and the name could not be further from the truth,” Brecht wrote.
Senate Republican Whip Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls, and state Sen. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer, released the following joint statement on the supermajority’s push for cap and trade, House Bill 2020:
“We must not allow this bill to pass. It will kill jobs, it will hurt families, businesses and employees, and it will incur extreme costs without providing benefit to the environment. We stand with the people who oppose cap and trade and will be strong ‘no’ votes on House Bill 2020.”
For follow-up commentary contact Senate Republican Whip Spokesman Jonathan Lockwood at 971-645-2099.

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