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December 13, 2014

January 9th Meet Up

Dear Friends,

There is great discontentment in our national Republican leadership. I am as outraged as anyone. But I am not suprised. It seems to be the status quo. The conservative base votes in those who promise to uphold our values yet once in office they always answer to the establishment.

But if I have learned anything, I have learned that politics are really about our local issues, things that affect our own county. Not to say that federal issues don't matter. They do. But we have so little control over them. We have great influence on what happens in our own county howerver. So lets work hard to make a difference in our local issues. We really can make a huge difference in our own county. Lets work together to build a strong community that will be strengthened by our conservative policies. By being involved in our civic organizations and participating in local governmental meetings we can make our voices be heard. No, we will not let our liberal friends shape our future. Together we will reclaim our rightful place as leaders in our communties.

Make sure and plan on attending our meet up this coming January 9th at the Village Inn in St Helens. We will stratigize ways to make become more influencial in our communities and make a difference for good!


For Liberty

Larry Ericksen

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